Hearing in children is a very important aspect which shouldn’t be neglected at all. It is what a child hears during the first 3 years of age, reflects as Speech and language at the later stage. A child who cannot hear won’t be able to speak properly. Hence paediatric hearing care is very important and should not be neglected. Common complaints in children like ear pain, discharge from the ear should be immediately examined by an ENT specialist or Audiologist, as children are prone to middle ear infections.

However a congenital (since birth) hearing loss often goes unnoticed by parents/caretakers. The earlier the problem is diagnosed, better the prognosis. It is recommended to take an expert advice if a child is not able to speak after one year of age or if the child does not respond to name calls or any other kind of loud sounds.

At our clinic, we do perform special hearing tests like OAE & BERA for children which help us diagnose the problem if any. Based on the test results and an ENT consultant advice, children who are diagnosed with sensory neural hearing loss are advised to use our paediatric hearing aids of the latest technology which helps them lead a normal life.