Hearing aid is a device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing. Selection of hearing aids should be based on the type and severity of hearing loss, listening needs, and lifestyle. All our digital hearing aids are programmed and fitted in accordance with the patient’s needs, assessing different audiologic parameters and hence achieving the patient satisfactory level.


A Spectacle hearing aid is a different type of aid in which the hearing instrument is attached with one’s spectacle. As this works on the bone conduction mode, there is a candidacy criterion to opt in for this type. Spectacle hearing aids are mostly used by people with conductive hearing loss, congenital anomalies like ear canal absence/ pinna absence, active ear discharge etc. At our clinic we help you to find out whether you are a candidate to use a spectacle hearing aid or not. Discreetly integrated and beautifully finished, the additional use being made of your spectacles is almost imperceptible, but the difference can certainly be heard.


Tinnitus (ringing/buzzing sound in ear) is one of the major problems faced by most of the individuals nowadays. Unfortunately, as there is no proper treatment available for tinnitus, many of the patients get a big relief by using our tinnitus maskers. Tinnitus masker is a noise generator, intended to provide a sound enrichment source that stimulates the auditory system. The tinnitus masker is intended to be used as part of a comprehensive tinnitus therapy program that works to distract the wearer’s attention away from the sound of their tinnitus. Our tinnitus masker models ranges from a conventional BTE model to an invisible CIC model.

What can I expect from my hearing aids?

Unlike eyeglasses, hearing aids cannot provide complete correction for the impairment. No hearing aid will restore your hearing to normal or provide a perfect substitute for normal hearing. The benefits derived from wearing hearing aids, even the most technologically advanced, will vary from person to person. The greatest benefit will be experienced with consistent use of hearing aids.

What hearing aids can do:

  • Hearing aids make sounds louder (amplify sounds) so that you can hear them. The goal is to make soft sounds audible, the sound of normal conversation comfortable and loud sounds loud, but not too loud.
  • Hearing aids improve a person's ability to understand speech (such as conversations) by amplifying the sounds (such as high-pitched consonants) not audible to the individual.
  • The extent a hearing aid can improve speech understanding will depend on the degree of the person's hearing loss and how much noise is present in the listening situations.
  • Some hearing aids can amplify high-pitched consonant sounds more than low-pitched vowel sounds to help you hear better in noisy situations.
  • Some advanced hearing aid systems use multiple microphone technology to further enhance communication in noisy environments.

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