Mr. Kamaljeet Singh
Mr. Kamaljeet Singh
Managing Director

About Hearing Wellness Clinic

Hearing Wellness Clinic (HWC) was established in the year 2006 at RT Nagar in Bangalore. Armed with the best organizational practice, utmost cooperation and understanding within the team and garnering customer trust, has enabled us to extend our services far and wide, resulting in the phenomenal growth and expansion of our business to various branches in Bangalore and other parts of South India.

Hearing Wellness Clinic is well equipped with certified professionals, who have been providing exemplary services to their patients with an empathetic attitude. Every patient is individually counseled, by a patient care professional and an audiologist. We also conduct tests, prepare reports and suggest appropriate hearing aids ensuring customer’s comfort level and satisfaction apart from handling the sales of the products. A calm and peaceful ambience is the chief attraction at all our business centers.

We have sourced top of the line hearing check equipments for ensuring precise results. Since audiogram helps in assessing the degree of hearing loss, reduced hearing ability of a person will be promptly ascertained with the help of the same. We believe in providing evidence based solutions, which customers could absolutely rely on without a speck of doubt. Advice on tinnitus will be provided much to customer’s satisfaction. Specialized hearing health screening will be organized for children and the elderly alike. We make sure that equipments are diligently checked for quality in order to maintain highest levels of customer satisfaction. State of the art hearing solutions with adequate elucidation is provided for every customer Appropriate suggestions are mandatory and promptly offered to the concerned person with short-term or long-term hearing loss.

We have strictly adhered to updated technological practices and professionalism. Our digital products have been widely accepted for better hearing. Invisible hearing aids have always been in great demand. Precision is our top priority hence the quality is maintained sequentially. Our equipments are perdurable owing to superior technology.

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To provide our customers with impeccable and authentic services and products of unmatched quality.


To be the market leaders in the region with an unwavering and unsurpassed reputation for reliable and unique quality products and services in the hearing care domain.