Although 360 million people in the world are afflicted by varying degrees of hearing loss  there still remains an absolute lack of hearing awareness with respect to diseases of the ear in general and hearing loss in particular.

 One third of the individuals above the age of 65 invariably experience hearing loss but barely three percent of this population have genuinely availed the required hearing services and the relevant devices.

 WHO statistics reveal that around 330 million people all over the world are afflicted with chronic ‘otitis media’  (COM) an infection of the ear which normally manifests as a regular discharge from the ear.

 Ignorance is the prime factor responsible for the present scenario where in the high degree of prevalence has been compounded by none other than the scarce accessibility of the required services, sheer lack of human availability and financial resources in order to bring about the much needed awareness of hearing wellness and its effective management.


There needs to be a sustained as well as coordinated effort on the part of the concerned authorities in order to improvise the current state of affairs and raise awareness among people at all levels about hearing wellness and its importance, which has remained a neglected priority so far.

Effective advocacy is the need of the hour to target not only Governments but also policy makers, international agencies and professionals from hearing health care as well as the community at large.

Such a hierarchical advocacy can bring about drastic changes at the grass-root level, and simultaneously if awareness is raised within communities it will generate an enlightened society where in you will notice a sea change in the general public spearheading the ear and hearing wellness movement paving the way for a society which is highly hearing wellness conscious.