Home Hearing Check Up

This is a unique facility to cater to those who are indisposed for various reasons and unable to avail of our clinical services.

This especially targets the elderly and those afflicted with ailments restricting movements.

Our exclusive home hearing check up program includes audiometric evaluation and live hearing aid trials from an array of international brands, under the expert guidance of our professional audiologists, all at your doorstep just a phone call away.

Industrial Screening for hearing wellness

Long-term exposure to loud noise can be detrimental causing great damage to ones hearing potential, especially vulnerable individuals working in places subjected to loud noises.

Noise-induced hearing loss is avertable by taking appropriate and timely precautions. We conduct regular hearing screening tests for such high risk workers to evaluate any early signs of hearing loss, and advice everyday preventive measures such as the use of our specialized ear plugs to contain permanent hearing loss.

Corporate Hearing Check Up

With the advent of the hi tech digital world, new high-risk groups for hearing loss have emerged .The corporate sector especially the call center employees fall under very high risk group.

The major occupational health hazard faced by these people has been auditory [hearing] problems due to the intense headset use and acoustic shocks .

We conduct annual hearing checkups for the corporate to rule out any hearing impairment which can be rectified in the initial stages which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Educational Hearing Check Up

Hearing tests carried out soon after birth can help identify most babies with significant hearing loss.

Regular routine hearing  tests during childhood can pick up any problems that have been missed or slowly getting worse, which otherwise might go unnoticed affecting the child’s speech and language development, social skills and education at large.

We conduct specialized tests for infants apart from periodic routine hearing health checkups in schools to safe guard the hearing health of every child.