Who We Are ?

Hearing Wellness Clinic is an independent family practice based in Bangalore, providing professional hearing health care services and products.

Our aim and commitment is to offer honest and practical advice and to provide both affordable and high tech solutions in all areas of the hearing health care industry.

Why Choose Us ?

We have a special understanding of each patients need for support, encouragement, counselling and instruction while learning to use their hearing instruments most effectively. It is our goal to help the patient reach his or her best hearing potential.

Putting several years of our clinical experience to practice we assist patients with different hearing tests including Pure Tone Audiometry and Impedance Audiometry.

Different speech tests including Speech discrimination Score, Speech Awareness Test, Speech Recognition Test etc along with Digital Hearing Aid Trials, fittings and Speech Therapy. HWC is a specialist institution in fittings of Sound Lens Hearing Aids which are the worlds’ only Completely Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids.

What We Do ?

We help you rediscover life.

Our specialists with help of most advanced testing equipment, highly sophisticated hearing aids, counseling and speech therapy brings you uncompromised and committed services in speech and hearing health care.

Our Values

We are dedicated professionals working on the principles of honest service to the patients. We hold upright the true spirit of audiology by dispensing correct treatment to the patients rather than the most expensive one. We believe in delivering the best with zero compromise on the qualitative aspect.